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Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

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This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but a good starting point when trying to understand your cadet's new jargon.

ACQ -- Academic call to quarters--time cadets must be in their dorms

ACPRO -- Academic probation. Restrictions placed on cadets who fail to meet a grade point average of 2.0

AF -- Air Force

AFA -- Air Force Academy

AFI -- Air Force Instruction-- the instructions provide a set of policies and guidelines outlining Air Force operating procedures.

AD -- Department of Athletics

A-HALL – Arnold Hall

AMI – A.M. Inspection; room inspection to ensure cleanliness and adherence to standards

AMT – Academy Military Trainer

AOC -- Air Officer Commanding

AOG -- Association of Graduates--the USAFA alumni association

ARNIE'S -- Nickname cadets use to refer to Arnold Hall lounge--named in honor of General Hap Arnold

BASICS -- Name given to new cadets just entering the Academy

BCT/BEAST -- Basic Cadet Training

C-STORE -- Cadet term referring to the AAFES outlet in Vandenberg Hall

CW -- Cadet Wing OR the former organizational title of the 34th Training Wing (Commandant of Cadets)

CIC-- Cadet In Charge

C1C -- Cadet First Class (a fourth year or senior cadet)-- “Firstie”

C2C -- Cadet Second Class (a third year or junior cadet)-- “2 Degree”

C3C -- Cadet Third Class (a second year or sophomore cadet)-- “3 Degree”

C4C -- Cadet Fourth Class (a first year or freshman cadet)-- “4 Degree”

DF -- Dean of Faculty--organization responsible for cadet academics

DOD -- Department of Defense

DOOLIE -- A new, first year cadet at the Academy

DOOLIE DAY OUT -- Basic cadets' first opportunity to leave USAFA to spend a few hours with a host family

FAIRCHILD HALL -- Building that houses the Commandant of Cadets, library and academic facilities

GR -- Graded Review

GRAD -- Short for graduation; also refers to an Academy graduate

GRAD WEEK – Graduation Week – The six day period at the end of the Academic year including Memorial Day, which
encompasses all of the graduation activities; starts with Ring Dance on Friday and culminates with Graduation in Falcon Stadium the following Wednesday

HARMON HALL -- Building located due south of Arnold Hall. Houses the Superintendent, Finance Office, Legal Office, and other Academy administrative support functions

JACKS VALLEY -- Wooded area on the north side of the Air Force Academy used for various summer field training events

MITCH'S -- Abbreviation for Mitchell Hall (the Cadet Dining Facility) -- named in honor of General Billy Mitchell

NCOIC -- Noncommissioned Officer In Charge

OI -- Operating Instruction (outlines how an organization conducts business)

OIC -- Officer In Charge

PA -- USAFA Public Affairs Office--responsible for the official release of all Academy related information

PCS -- Permanent Change of Station

POV -- Privately Owned Vehicle

RETREAT -- Military ceremony signaling the end of a duty day. As a gesture of respect, in the event you are outside the building when retreat is sounded, you are required to stop and face the direction of the nearest flag

SCA -- Scheduling Committee Actions–cadet programs falling outside of the Schedule of Calls (below) must be approved by the interdisciplinary scheduling committee

SIJAN HALL -- Cadet dormitory located on the south side of the terrazzo

SF -- Security Forces

SOC – Schedule of Calls; the framework schedule governing how cadets may use their time; allocates time to the major mission areas--academics, athletics, military, as well as personal time to pursue their own areas of excellence

SQUADRON – A squadron typically averages 115 cadets of all class designations. Additionally, each squadron and group has a full-time Air Officer Commanding (AOC) who commands the unit. The Cadet Wing is approximately 5,000 strong and is composed of 4 groups of 10 squadrons each

TERRAZZO -- Name given to the open paved space between buildings in the cadet area

TDY -- Temporary Duty

UOD -- Uniform of the Day

USAFA -- United States Air Force Academy

VANDENBERG HALL -- The cadet dormitory located on the north side of the terrazzo--the largest of the two cadet dormitory facilities within the cadet area




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