WebGuy is a program developed by the Association of Graduates to provide photo and video documentation of the cadet experience at the Air Force Academy. Our cameras give members a front row seat as the action unfolds from Basic Cadet Training through graduation.

For the family of a new cadet who is entering basic training, WebGuy becomes your new best friend and the best connection to your loved one as they take their first steps toward becoming a member of the Long Blue Line. During the academic year, WebGuy provides a window into the life of your cadet through its blog and photo galleries.

WebGuy and his team of photographers will keep you connected to your cadet all year long!

WebGuy Testimonials

Parents have spoken, and WebGuy is a life-saver when it comes to keeping up with your cadet at the Academy. Hear what parents have to say about the service which provides in depth photos, videos and blogs as the basic cadets take on the challenges of the Air Force Academy.

Meet the WebGuy Team

Watch the WebGuy team in action!

WebGuy History

Started as a humble blog information site in 2004, the program has expanded extensively every year. AOG Senior VP Marty Marcolongo ‘88 is the original “WebGuy”. In recent years, the torch has been passed to a whole new team of photographers covering events all year at the Academy, uploading more than 250,000 photos each year.