Thank you for your interest in the AOG Family Plan Membership! Please review the membership program and benefits we offer below. Questions? Click here for more information about our membership program.

Membership will open from 1 May to 30 September for the Class of 2028. If you are a current family with a cadet at USAFA or a cadet candidate at the USAFA Prep School and would like to sign up for Family Plan or Husky Club Membership, please reach out to our membership team who will be happy to assist you with your registration. Tel: 719-472-0300 ext. 108 or email, membership@usafa.org.

Attention Cadets

The WebGuy program is a membership benefit for USAFA parents only. If you want access to WebGuy, your parents will need to enroll in our Family Plan membership. It will be up to them to share their access.

Attention Families of Current Cadets

This enrollment page is for the families of incoming Class 2028 and 2025 (Prep School). For other class years, please call our membership department at 719-472-0300, ext. 108 to enroll.

Attention Graduates

If you are a graduate member, access to WebGuy is a benefit of your graduate membership. Please call our Membership Department at 719-472-0300, ext 108 for access.

Family Plan

$39 per month
48 month term: 12 month minimum commitment
Terms and conditions apply Enrollment will start in May 2024
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Benefits of Family Plan

A Life membership for YOU upon your 48th membership payment.

WebGuy and his team of photographers will keep you connected throughout your cadets Academy experience!

Included in your membership fee is a $10 tax deductible donation towards Cadet Programs.

The AOG Parent & Family App allows parents to have instant information at the touch of their fingertips. This includes a social stream to stay informed and connected, online version of AOG Parent Membership Guide, event information, access to Zoomie Delivery Service, WebGuy access and more.

Parent Membership Guide*

The Parent Membership Handbook will be like having a cadet version of Alexa in your pocket, offering 24/7 info right to you. This will be delivered to your door at the beginning of each academic year, and online through the AOG Parent & Family App.

Parents’ can send packages and mail to the AOG and have them delivered direct to USAFA or USAFA Prep School for cadet/cadet candidate collection. You can also access the ZDS form through the AOG Parent & Family App.

Exclusive Membership Giveaways***

Eligible for exclusive “Membership & WebGuy Giveaway” Sweepstakes during online and in-person events throughout the academic year.

Meet the WebGuy Team the Thursday of Parents Weekend!

Select AOG hosted events is discounted for AOG Members. Join parents, graduates, and USAFA supporters at events taking place all over the United States.

The award-winning AOG Alumni magazine sent to you as a current Parent Member.

Online copy for a Parent Life Member

Cadets can receive an online copy before and after graduation

Receive member only updates through our bi-monthly ZoomiEnews, invitation to ZoomieBrief Speaker Panels, and member events like WebGuy Social, Tailgates and more!

AOG Members receive a 15% discount for online and in store purchases at our Gift Shop.

Parent Club websites hosted by the AOG. Contact Weebly Administrator (WeeblySupport@aogusafa.org) for details.

All AOG members get the privilege of staying on base at the Rampart Lodge. Rampart Lodge is an Air Force Inns facility with 82 guest rooms, many of which have been recently remodeled, and 20 extended-stay facilities. See their website for details and to reserve your stay.

*Denotes continued Parent Life Membership benefits

**Does not include Husky Club Membership

For questions, please refer to our FAQs page
To keep connected check out WebGuy and AOG Facebook pages

For additional questions, please contact our membership department.
Phone: 719-472-0300, ext. 108
Email: membership@aogusafa.org

Enroll in the Family Plan Today!