These Rules of Engagement (ROE) were set forth by the United States Air Force Academy and adopted by WebGuy at the Association of Graduates to ensure military training comes first and is respected by all in the training areas. Therefore, this summer our WebTeam will abide by the following:

The primary goal is to maintain a professional training environment in which civilian media presence does not impact the goals and outcomes of BCT.

Photographers are not a part of training, and will not impact it in any way. Basic cadets should not know that they are being photographed or videotaped.

Photographers will not encourage smiling, waving, flashing signals, or otherwise breaking bearing.

Ideally, basic cadets and cadet cadre will be unaware of the presence of photographers and other media entities.

Photographers will not move anywhere beyond the main aisles of Mitchell Hall during a meal except during an awards dinner.

Photographers will not enter a basic cadet’s room or tent while basic cadets are present.

I started "WebGuy Notes" as an informal avenue to give families an "inside peek" into BCT. The photos are "quick snaps" and the commentary is written using colloquial language. The premise is that families would rather have more information provided faster, instead of waiting for intense editing. With that said, I apologize in advance for:

  • Inserting my New Jersey words/phrases
  • The "too dark" and "too light" and blurry pictures;
  • The spelling/grammar errors.

Also, I always try to preface any information I receive from the Academy with "likely" "often" "probably". Also, I try to put a source if possible. This is mainly due to the ever-constant change here at USAFA. For example: Rather than saying, "The sun will rise tomorrow", experience at USAFA might cause me to say, "The BCT calendar indicates the sun will rise tomorrow. Please continue to check back with me to see if the Academy has postponed sunrise due to new security considerations". --WebGuy