Who is "WebGuy"?

WebGuy is not a singular person but rather a team of talented photographers, bloggers and IT professionals who work for the Association of Graduates at the United States Air Force Academy.

How do I find photos of my cadet, cadet candidate, or squadron?

Access the blog first. Click the link to the gallery at bottom of the blog post. Sometimes links to individual squadrons are listed within blog posts.

How will I know when photos have been posted?

You will know new photos are posted when the blog and social media have announced the photos are up.

How often do you post?

Our posting frequency depends on what events are happening at USAFA and the Prep School. We post more during the summer because that is when most of the significant events happen like Basic Cadet Training (BCT) Basic Military Training (BMT).


Can you take more photos of my son/daughter?

We do not have any physical contact with the cadets or cadet candidates, and we do not know the names of the cadets or cadet candidates.

Why does WebGuy not cover all sporting events?

There are D1A restrictions that we must adhere to and the major USAFA sports already get a lot of coverage. We try to focus more on club sports.

Why does it seem like some squadrons are getting more coverage than others?

All squadrons get equal coverage by the end of Basic Cadet Training (BCT). However, squadron schedules vary and WebGuy does not control the schedule.

Why do you cover some events and not other events?

WebGuy must adhere to USAFA Rules of Engagement (ROEs) and there are certain events that WebGuy is not granted access to due to security or media restrictions.


How Can I get help?

There is a contact button on each page in the lower right hand corner. This will take you to a contact form that will email us with whatever questions you have. If you need immediate help you can call Customer Service at 719-472-0300.

Where can I find my bookmarks?

Bookmarking photos and blogs is easy on the site, simply click on the bookmark button or star icon. Once a photo or blog is bookmarked, you can find it again by visiting your bookmark page. Simply click "Account" then "My Bookmarks" and you should see your bookmarks.

How do I change my Information (Password, Email, and other Personal Information)?

You can get to your personal information including your profile and password via the “Manage Profile” link under the "Account" menu on the top right corner of the site. If you are using a mobile device the "Account" menu will appear when you click on the 3 line icon also in the top right corner of the site.

Once at the profile page you will see links to change your email, password, and profile (First and Last Name, Address and some other personal information). Just click on the appropriate link and follow the instructions.

My Credit Card has expired, how do I update that?

You will need to call our membership team to update any payment information. You can reach them by calling 719-472-0300 and asking for the membership team.

How do I Cancel my Membership / Account?

You will need to call our membership team to update or cancel your membership / account. You can reach them by calling 719-472-0300 and asking for the membership team.