Class of 1972: Paver Memorial Ceremony

The Class of 1972 Paver Tribute provides an opportunity for family members and classmates to honor and remember loved ones and classmates who have passed away. 

Each member of the class, including those who died while attending the Academy, has an engraved granite commemorative paver permanently placed together in front of Doolittle Hall. The pavers provide a unique and lasting way to honor a person's life and achievements. 


During the Paver Tribute, reflections and thoughts are presented to pay reverence to each individual and to remember those who are no longer with us. A roll call is solemnly read, and as each deceased class member's name is called out, a family member or classmate will come forward and place a rose for each soul who is gone but not forgotten. 

The ceremony presents a time for family and friends to embrace the memories of their fallen loved ones and classmates. It is a proud memorial ritual that continues the heritages and traditions of the United States Air Force Academy. 

To learn more about the pavers at Doolittle Hall, visit the Association of Graduates website: 



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Class of 1972: Paver Memorial Ceremony Photos

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