Class of '77 Memories

Class Motto: Pride Rides

According to the USAFA website, the Class of 1977 was the last class to graduate totally by order-of-merit. The final graduate, known as “Tail End Charlie,” received a silver dollar from each of his classmates. The incoming superintendent, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Tallman, ended the tradition because he believed it was inappropriate to reward mediocrity.

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Contributions of Graduates:

Kim Skrinak receives the Cheney Award for heroism after rescuing a downed glider pilot in his HH-1 helicopter (1981).

Thomas Jones, Astronaut (1991).

Charles Precourt, Astronaut (1991).

Grady Booch develops the Booch Method for object oriented software development (1991).

Robert Donnelly, Jr. receives Jabara Award for Airmanship (1996).

Charles Precourt inducted into the United States Astronaut Hall of Fame (2012)

Raymond Johns elected to the Air Transport Services Group, Inc, Board of Directors (2107).

Thomas Jones inducted into the United States Astronaut Hall of Fame (2018).

Randy Martinez is appointed to the Advisory Board of Acorn Growth Companies (2018).

Scott Jackson inducted into the California Homebuilding Foundation's Hall of Fame (2018).

Raymond Johns named co-CEO of Flight Safety International (2018).