WebGuy Capturing Cadet & Prep CC Events

The WebGuy program was developed by the Association of Graduates to provide photo documentation of the cadet experience at the Air Force Academy. Our cameras give members a front row seat as the action unfolds from Basic Cadet Training through graduation.  

As photographers we love capturing life as it unfolds around us and as WebGuy Photographers we love capturing your cadet journey here at USAFA and USAFA Prep!  We haven’t stopped counting down the days until you all come back and we are excited to capture this Summer’s Military training programs as well as milestones in your cadet career.  

We haven't recieved any confirmed dates for return or the start of any summer programs.





As we await the return of the cadets, we are still gathering photos for our weekly remote cadet updates. If you would like to share pictures, please send them to our email at thank you.