Majors Night

Last night any undecided cadets and prep school candidates were given a chance to check out most of the majors offered at USAFA.  The open house was hosted by upperclassmen and teachers, who were there to answer any questions.




Bachelor's Programs:

From US Dept of Education (IPEDS) · 

(Areas of study2019 graduates)

Business administration and management 21.2%

Systems engineering 8.1%

Behavioral sciences 8%

Aerospace, aeronautical and astronautical/space engineering 7.7%

Economics 6.3%

Biology/biological sciences 5.3%

International/global studies 5.3%

Political science and government 4.1%

Civil engineering 3.7%

Mechanical engineering 3.6%

Geography 3.3%

Operations research 3.2%

Legal studies 3.2%

Computer science 2.4%

Military applied sciences 1.9%

Physics 1.6%

English language and literature 1.5%

General studies 1.2%

Military history 1.1%

Applied mathematics 1%

Computer engineering 0.9%

Biochemistry 0.9%

Cyber/electronic operations and warfare 0.9%

Electrical and electronics engineering 0.8%

Humanities/humanistic studies 0.7%

Philosophy 0.7%

Atmospheric sciences and meteorology 0.5%

History 0.4%

Engineering chemistry 0.3%

History 0.3%

American history (united states) 0.3%

Chemistry 0.1%


To see all the photos from Majors Night, go to GALLERIES > ACADEMICS > ACADEMIC STUDIES, Sort from OLDEST to NEWEST pg 21 or click the link below.

Majors Night (Spring)