Day 2 Squad Training

Hi Families!

As promised, I was able to get some photos of the basics during their squadron training time. Tonight the focus was on drill commands such as left and right face (turning left or right), about face (turning 180 degrees), and present and order arms (saluting). The basics also had to tidy up their rooms and do laundry (its every parent's dream!).




So as we go through BMT, I like to throw out fun facts about the Academy. One fun fact is that there is an abundant amount of wildlife living here, and I happened to pass by some of this wildlife on my way to the Prep School. Gobble Gobble. 

Well that's it for tonight! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for your basics and for us. The squadrons are going to cylce through their blues fitting, squadron time, and a trip to the BX (Base Exchange-its a giant store for the basics to stock up on supplies). I hope you all have a good night and stay tuned for tomorrow's uploads!