Parade Practice

Happy Friday!  Our main photo opportunity was parade practice today.  We have over 400 new photos in the gallery for your viewing pleasure.  For being here such a short time, the Basics are starting to march pretty well, but nothing like they will be by parents weekend.   Below are a few photos to wet your appetitie.    Here's what's ahead this weekend for coverage.  Tomorrow if the weather cooperates we will cover some drill practice in the late afternoon and a training event cally Husky Tours tomorrow evening.  More on that later, but since the photos will all be taken in the later part of the day, they may not be available till Sunday morning.  WebGuy needs a little weekend time off too. 

Sunday's coverage MAY include something many of you have been waiting for.  You may want to be available by the phone sometime between 4:00pm & 5:00pm. Just sayin...

Enjoy today's photos.