Prep TX

Pictures are up from Friday's events! To view our coverage of all the events go to; Classes - Prep School - Prep TX. Or click the link below.

Prep TX - Friday



Hi Prep Families! Prep TX began today and what a day it has been so far! We ask for your patience in getting our coverage up over the next couple of days as our photo editors are also the photographers during all of Prep TX. We will try our best to post pictures tomorrow of today's events. But for now we can give you some highlights of each event that happened today.

So far today has been a busy day! This morning the Preppies  began their Prep TX by starting off with a Bag Drag where all the Preppies had a backpack filled with supplies. They were lined up and ordered to take everything out of the bag to make sure they packed correctly.


After the Bag Drag was the big event of the day which involved almost every C/C - the Fireman’s Challenge. Most of them will tell you that it is their favorite event. Not only do they have some fun while working in small teams, they really get to learn about the Firefighter career field and experience how the Academies Firefighter's  train.

The challenge is a single elimination relay race. There were 32 teams. It’s like March Madness - two teams go head to head and only one advances to the next round. So there are rounds of 32, 16, 8, 4, and then the final 2. The winning team got to go head to head with the Prep School staff and the winner of that round then went head to head with the Fire Fighers themselves! Here are some highlights of the challenge.



Then in the afternoon was the Biofuel Challenge. Basically the chemistry students make their own fuel and then race cars using the fuel. Always fun.


Finally, the last event of the evening was the Poetry Slam, where C/C's and Prep Staff were able to come up on stage and share a poem that they wrote. There were 37 participants and all were fantastic!


Tomorrow is another full day! Be sure to check back tomorrow for updates from our coverage today as well as highlights of each of the events that take place tomorrow!