Prep School Team Building Activity

The USAFA Center for Character and Leadership Development teamed up with the Prep School to bring team building activities to the Prep CC's this weekend.  The various activities were designed to help them get to know one another as a whole group, but also as smaller groups within their squadron.

The various activities included a game of Back to Back.  This was a game where the CC's stood back to back to each other.  Then when they turned around they had to do an activity such as bump fists with one another.  Then they would go back to back with another CC. Then they would face each other and do a high five. Then they had to find the first CC they bumped fists with and do that again.  This went on for several minutes and the hilarity that ensued was fun to watch as they scrambled to find one another.


Another activity was the popsicle word game.  They formed up into smaller groups and each person in the group picked a popsicle stick out of bag. They then had to match up popsicle sticks by color and the shape that was drawn on them.  After forming these smaller groups, a word had to be formed from the letter on the popsicle sticks.  The final challenge was that a phrase had to be formed with the words from the smaller groups. Those phrases were thoughtful and clever and each had a motivating factor to them. Each team had to yell out what their phrase was and the best phrase won.


The final game that WebGuy was able to witness was sort of like the card game "52 card pick up."  These cards were to be picked up from the ground, one for each person in the group.  On these cards were tasks that had to be completed.  Some of the tasks were solo tasks, others needed one other person to complete. And some needed several people to work together to complete the task stated on the card, such as "rowing a boat." Once all the tasks were completed they were finished as a group. Webguy was only there for part of the activity so as to not be a distraction from the learning and team building that they were doing. 


Learning how to work individually as well as in a group is a skill that will be very useful in their time at the Prep School, at the Academy, and in life.  It was nice a change of pace this weekend for the Prep CC's from the several days of PT, Drill and classroom learning.  The weather was perfect, they had the chance to relax a bit and the smiles were beaming as they made their way through the team building activities.

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