Honor Lesson

This week the C/C's got together for an Honor Lesson in which they discussed the results of the StrengthsFinder 2.0 test that they all took last week. During the Honor Lesson they talked about how they see those strengths showing up in their lives, and how two people's strengths can often collide.

Each C/C received a laminated card printed on their squad color paper, with their name and five strengths to display in their room.

We stopped by several classrooms in the Academic Building, sadly only catching about 5 of the Flights out of the 9 Prep Flights. We caught the C/C's in different stages of their discussions. One group posted the descriptions of their strengths around the room and had the C/C's walk around to each to read their own. Another group we caught split their Flight into the four strength colors, where they went with their brightest personality color. Purple - Executing, Blue - Building Relationships, Red - Strategic, and Yellow - Influence.

"The purpose is to remind the C/Cs what they are best at, and to consider others' strengths when looking for assistance or building teams, and to be aware of another person's strengths when resolving problems or conflict.  In a nutshell: Know thyself, and learn about others." 
                                                    - Prep School Director of Character, Leadership, Culture and Climate Nicki Mench

To view the rest of our glimpse into their Honor Lesson go to; Classes - Prep School - Prep Life. Or click the link below.

 Honor Lesson