Life On The Hill #2 With C3C Cadet Panel

A Panel of C3C's visited the Prep School on Friday afternoon. C3C Raymone Jackson, C3C Brooke Rittman, C3C Joseph Asenuga, C3C Vic Garau, C3C Steven Bradford, C3C Ben Thomas, C3C Xavier McElhannon all stopped by the Prep School during their PLT time to have a Cadet Panel with the Preppies. The Preppies were given the opportunity to ask questions to these 8 Cadets and hear from their point of view what life on the Hill is like. Most of the Cadet Panel from today were Preppies before attending the Academy. After the Cadet Panel, the Preppies were able to talk one on one with the Cadets.


Some closing remarks that the C3C's left with the Preppies were; "Remember where you came from, don't forget that you are a Preppy, be proud of it." "Don't quit, keep your grades up." Develope good habits." "Get sleep." "Stay ahead of your school work. School is the key, stay ahead in school and everything else falls into place." and "Have fun and go out on the weekends."

The Prep School will get two more opportunities like this one to talk with Cadets up on the Hill, in the next coming months they will get to speak with a Cadet Panel of C2C's and C1C's.

To see the rest of the pictures taken go to Classes - Prep School - Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Life On The Hill #2