Life on the Hill - AOC and AMT Edition

This week the Prep School had the opportunity to meet several AOC’s and AMT’s from USAFA to find out more about “life on the hill”. For those of you that aren’t familiar with what an AOC or AMT is they are pretty much counselors/principals for their assigned squadron. They are someone cadets can always come to and ask for help or advice. However, they are also the person to keep the squadron in check and take disciplinary action if need be.



The Prep School discussion started off with each airmen sharing a little bit about themselves and their time in the Air Force. Afterwards the floor was open for questions. Cadet Candidates were free to ask whatever they wanted. Below are a couple topics that were brought up.

Do Preps stay together when they go up to the hill?

Response: Preps do get spilt up as evenly as possible into new squadrons that way you can help other new to military life and ways. However, in every squadron there will be a couple preps and prior enlisted.

What do you expect from a Preps during Basic Cadet Training and during their time at the Academy?

Response: Be a mentor and be humble. Help those around you that may not know how to properly wear a uniform or how to put up their hair. As a prep or prior, the individuals straight out of high school will gravitate to you so be a good example but always remain humble.

Where do Preps and Priors have trouble at the Academy?

Response: Taking orders from someone that has less military experience or is younger than you. Yes your Cadre may be 2-3 years younger than you; however, they know the Academy and its operations. You must show respect and be respectful to those leaders. Check yourself.



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