Preppies Continuing To Volunteer

A group of 16 Preppies from all three Squads visited the "All Breed Rescue and Training" Animal Foster Agency again this past weekend. 

The 16 Preppies that assisted in Volunteering were;

Alpha Squad: C/Cs Laura Wood, Jacob Ragland, Malik Dawkins, Jasmine Underwood and Douglas Adams.

Bravo Squad: C/Cs Asia Ayanyemi, Amanda Berry, Ashley Davis, Paulina Baluck, Joffre' Hunter, Ikerria Sanders, Graham Kennis and Tuan Nguyen.

Charlie Squad: C/Cs Jordan Locke, Hannah Canales and Carolina Escalante.

During this visit Group 1: Worked on re-caulking the kennels in the shelter. Recently, the old caulk had started allowing leaks which caused a number of problems. Six kennels were refurbished and then thoroughly cleaned.

Group 2: Was tasked with cleaning both training bays of the shelter and washing all of the shelter dog bowls. They mopped, swept and vacuumed the training floors and general shelter area. They went above and beyond by finishing much earlier than expected, and then re organizing furniture in the shelter, creating a more sanitary and orderly work environment.

Group 3: Split up early and bounced around from task to task, offering additional help when needed. They assisted Group 1 by setting/smoothing the caulk. They helped Group 2 by prepping the furniture that needed to be moved and re-organizing the rooms that were cleaned. In addition, they cleaned the outdoor training area by picking up waste and trash that crowded the walking trail.

All of the Volunteers (who desired to) were also given the opportunity to assist in the obedience training class held at the shelter while they were there. 12 of the Preppies in total were able to interact with the training class by serving as professional "distractors" in order to help teach the dogs focus.

Between the two weeks of volunteering with the ABRT Agency the Prep School, as a whole, contributed 139 man hours. A number of mission critical tasks were removed from the shelter's to-do list. Which in turn helped to free up time and energy for more expansive tasks.

In Novemeber the Prep School will be moving into their "Human Outreach" Pillar. 

Thank you to C/C Graham Kennis from Bravo Squad for helping provide WebGuy with all of the information above about the Volunteering events!

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