Husky Tours

Hi Families! 

Hope you are having a nice Sunday wherever you are today.  We got our usual afternoon rain shower, so it is very pleasant here this afternoon.  I was at the Prep School this morning for the promotion to MSgt of A Squadron Academy Military Trainer, Jason Austin.  As I write this blog entry, the Basic are watching a movie.  "Remember the Titans".  One of my favorites.  There are so many life lessons in that movie.  That's why the training staff chose it.  There will be discussion after. 

Last night, the Basics learned something about their Air Force and Prep School heritage as they moved through four Husky Tour locations around the Prep School.  In the DFAC they saw the photos of past Prep Class Exemplars and distinguished graduates.  They also saw the POW table that always has an empty place setting in remembrance.  They pass it by every meal, but last night stopped to understand the meaning.  Next was the POW Rock near the Academic Building, where they learned about the history of the POW Flag.  Then it was on the the F-100 Jet (which is going to be repainted shortly), and finally Black Field.  The Cadre did a great job in explaining the meaning behind each location. 

Here are a few photos from the tour.



I got a little love from Bravo Squadron, which was quite unexpected

Following the Tour, Alpha got to do a little physical training.  Guess the Cadre needed to get their attention.  Here's a clip of a bit of it, lest you think that BMT has been all swimming, and posing for our camera, lol.

As I was about to head home for the night, I saw Charlie Squadron heading to the mailroom.  Couldn't resist following them.  I noticed that many of the letters came through Write2Them.  Here are a few happy faces.


Which reminds me.  I also saw some disappointed and sad faces of Basics who didn't get mail.  BMT may be only 18 days, but those letters mean a lot during this time, so don't forget to write.  BTW, you Alpha Squad parents, don't worry, your kids have gotten to check their mail too, I just haven't been there when they did. 

Last item for this blog entry.  I mentioned at the beginning that I was at the Prep School for a promotion ceremony.  Normally Sundays are a quiet day and we usually don't take photos.  As I was leaving this morning, Bravo and Alpha were having a drill competition.  I was able to catch a video clip.  Hope you enjoy!  I am off to watch the Angels vs Red Sox on TV and enjoy an adult beverage, but we'll be back tomorrow with more coverage, so check back then.