Prep School Overdrive Raceway Event

The Prep School Parents raised money for their Cadet Candidates to use for various events throughout the year.  Some of that money was used recently for the T-shirts for the Powderpuff football games and for the Overdrive Raceway event this past weekend.

CC's that participated in the evening's events were treated to dinner at the Dog Hause which serves hot dogs, sausages, chicken and burgers.  All are served on King's Hawaiian rolls.  CC's were able to order any kind of main dish and one side along with a beverage of their choice.  The Dog Haus also provided dessert over at Overdrive Raceway.  CC's could choose from a variety of desserts, such as root beer floats, milk shakes, cookies and ice cream.  YUM!!!!


After a delicious dinner at the Dog Hause, Cadet Candidates then went over to Overdrive Raceway.  The Prep School was able to rent out the first floor just for them which allowed all the CC's particpating the chance to ride the hand controlled ADA electric go carts that can reach speeds up to 40mph. 


According to their website, The Pepsi Agility Drift track (located downstairs) is preferred by many racers. A satisfying, high-speed burn around this track provides a little extra challenge to racers who want a more realistic competition experience as you learn how to maneuver the karts, control the drifts, and find the perfect racing line. Sounds like a fun track to race on!


While waiting for their turn on the track, CC's enjoyed music provided by a DJ and they could also entertain themselves with the arcade located on the first floor. All of those that attended the Overdrive raceway event had a great time and enjoyed their time with friends outside of the Prep School.  The Preppies would like to thank the parents who helped raise the money for them to have this event and others throughout this past year. It is truly appreciated especially with the unique challenges due to Covid restrictions.

And WebGuy would like to thank Lt. Col Blum and CC Ellis for taking these photos during the event.  Thank you!

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Dog Haus/Overdrive Raceway