A busy training day at the Prep School

Hello Families!

Before I get into the day's events however, I need to keep my promise from last night.   So, what exactly is a "Superman"?  The way it is supposed to work is that it is a uniform inspection with a twist.  The "superman" part comes from the quick change that Superman does from his street clothes as Clark Kent into the man of steel.  Picture as fashion show on steriods.  The basics start out in one uniform, say their BDUs, then the all get to quick change into their service dress, then blues, then PT clothes.  Each time falling out in formation to have the new uniforms inspected.  You can imagine our WebGuy anticipation of this event.  One small issue.  All they have in the way of uniforms so far are their PT clothes and their BDUs.  The rest are all at the tailors.  So, it was a great idea, but not much to photograph.  So, most of them got to practice their drill last night instead. 

Ok, now for today.  Here were the main events.  The hike.  Charlie got to go this time.

Bravo had their morning at the dentist. (Notice the well training basic)

After lunch it was haircut time again for the men. (Looks like they really enjoyed them). 

Then each squadron had an open ranks inspection by Cadet In-Charge C1C Kemal Baksh.  He didn't miss a thing, although there were several basics that passed without one demerit. 

Then finally it was dinner time.  I know I was ready to eat.

We had just shy of 1800 photos today.  Whew!  Our main coverage tomorrow will be intramurals.  I know the basics are looking forward to them.  We will be there to cover it all.  See you tomorrow!