MLK - Prep Air Force History Lesson

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Prep School’s Air Force History Lesson was centered around the King and his life.  Cadet Candidates spilt into their Flights and were read a series of questions about Martin Luther King Jr. The Flight who answered the most questions correctly would win. However, to our surprise all Flights answered every question correctly…so either everyone really pays attention in History Class or knows how to Goggle, just kidding no phones were allowed! 

Since everyone technically won, the Prep School decided to have a “Simon Says” drill competition to determine a winner. Every Cadet Candidate lined up and were given commands, if they failed to complete the command or moved out of turn they were out. At the end only one cadet candidate was left standing, C/C Hutcherson!

Flights huddled up answering MLK trivia.

Cadet Candidates lined up for drill completion, no smiles allowed.

Last Cadet Candidate standing, and the winner of the competition, C/C Hutcherson.

The Prep School also got a surprise visit from WebDawg, who loved all the attention and rubs.

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MLK - Prep Air Force History Lesson Photos