Prep Parents Weekend ReCap

Hello Prep Families!

It's Sunday afternoon as I write this blog entry.   I am home from Colorado and getting ready to enjoy my own Labor Day (or break from labor) Day tomorrow. 

Many of you will likely not be reading this until you return to your homes over the next few hours or days.  Wherever you may be, I hope that it was a wonderful time.  For those of you who may not have been able to make the trip to Colorado, I hope you were able to connect with your cadet candidate if only by phone.  If you are like I was as a preppie and later a cadet parent, this day was always a bitter sweet day each year.    We had looked forward to this weekend since I-Day in July and now it was over in a flash.  I expect there will have been some tears in the goodbyes.  There were for us.  One thing we have learned in our military journey with our children over the past fifteen years is that for every goodbye, there is another hello to look forward to and plan for.   The holidays will be here before you know it and there will be more time to "fill your cups" than the short weekend we just experienced.  So as we all get back to the work of living our lives, encourage your CC to keep their eye on the task at hand, and you do the same.   Oh, by the way, for you folks who are trying to plan holiday air travel, remember that FLEXIBILTY IS THE KEY TO AIRPOWER!  Your prep may not yet know the time and day of their last military duty before Thanksgiving break or Winter Break.  It is a little different for the preps than for the Cadets. There will be lots of options available for getting to and from airports.  I encourage you to let them try and figure that part out themselves before you step in to help.  It is part of their learning process.  :-).   Just Sayin.  Ok.  Enough of my sage advice.  I haven't really blogged much since BMT Grad Day, so wanted you to know I am still here. I will have more info about the holidays as we get closer. 

We were able to cover many of the prep events on Friday and Saturday, including the promotion ceremonies for Lt Col Silverman & MSgt. Hagfeldt.  Congratulations to both.   All of our photos from all the events we covered are now up in the "Parents Weekend" gallery.   Here is the link.  PREP PW PHOTOS 2018.  I suggest you sort from "Oldest to Newest"  to see them in the right order.  If you were at an event over the weekend that we weren't able to get to and have some good photos you would like to share just contact us at and we will make arrangements for you to send them to us.   That is also true throughout the year.  Our prep sports teams travel to away games.  If you are there and want to help us with local coverage, you all have the opportunity to be part of WebGuy. 

Lastly, before I post some of my favorite photos from the Friday & Saturday events, I want to say on behalf of all the WebGuy team how much we appreciate your support and affection.  It was great to meet so many of you on Friday and Saturday.  Thanks so much for your support and kind words.  I get much of the praise, but everyone who works with us helps create the magic of what we get to do.  This is only the beginning, however.  There is so much more to come this year.  For those of you who think WebGuy is only BMT coverage, you have a lot to catch up on since the Academic Year began, so check back here often and also watch our WebGuy Facebook page.  

Back Soon!!!