All Academy Day For The Prep School

The Prep School had an All Academy Day yesterday up on the Hill. The entire Prep Class was paired off with Cadets from the four different classes and had the opportunity to shadow them - we had the chance to attend the Academic classes and the Mitchell Hall portion. 

With 200+ C/C's mixed in with over 4000 Cadets we weren't able to catch everyone in their classes but here are some highlights that we did get.

Mitchell Hall - Did you know that the Mitchell Hall staff here have one of the fastest recording times to serve people food as well as the Cadet Wing eating. With over 4000 Cadets, they are able to serve them and the Cadets eat their meal all in less than 25 Minutes.

To view the rest of the pictures go to Classes - Prep School - Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Prep All Academy Day