Prep School Class of 2023 Graduation Day

The day began with a graduation parade on Black Field at the Prep School. Several speakers, including Prep School commander Col. Michael Cornelius '00, offered encouragement and words of wisdom. The Air Force band provided music for the event and the USAFA Wings of Blue Parachute team closed out the parade with a demonstration. 

After the parade, the actual graduation ceremony began. The graduation ceremony took place in the Arnold Hall Theater. USAFA Superintendent Lt. Gen. Richard Clark '86 served as the guest speaker for the event. Several Cadet Candidates were recognized for outstanding achievements in English, Math, Science, athletics, character and more. 

The Prep School Class of 2023 had one of the highest GPAs of any Prep School Class. Nearly 200 Cadet Candidates graduated from the Prep School on Monday afternoon and will now join the USAFA Class of 2027. They will enter the Academy on In-Processing Day on June 28. To learn more about what to expect at USAFA, visit the USAFA website


This concludes WebGuy's coverage of the Prep School Class of 2023! We look forward to seeing you join the Academy in June and we cannot wait to welcome the next Prep School Class on July 7. 


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