Prep School Denim Day

Discussions were held by each squadron at the DFAC.  

Mris. Angela Kimble, 10 ABW Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocate was at each discussion to help the preppies understand the meaning of Denim Day and answer any questions that they might have.  Each Squadron’s AOC was also available to give their insights.





This message was distributed at the Prep School to help everyone understand the meaning of Denim Day,




On Wednesday, April 28th, the Academy will be participating in Denim Day.  Denim Day began in 1999 after the Italian Supreme Court overturned a rape conviction because the woman's jeans were "too tight" and the judge ruled that she would have had to help the perpetrator take them off and so she must have given consent.  When the Supreme Court repealed the conviction, the women in the Italian Parliament were outraged and showed up, in denim, on the steps of the Italian Supreme Court to protest their decision.  This didn’t end in Italy; it was picked up internationally.  Ever since, institutions around the world have been participating in what we know as Denim Day.  Denim Day is a solidarity practice to support survivors of sexual assault and to take a stand against the misconceptions that surround sexual violence.  For more information on the history of Denim Day, please visit


On April 28th, we will have cadet candidates and permanent party who choose to wear denim and others who choose not to.  The decision to not wear denim does not reflect your teammates stance on topics regarding rape and sexual assault.  Please be sensitive to this!  If you choose to participate in Denim Day, I am approving the wear of denim for all PS faculty, staff, and permanent party personnel on this day.  The wear of Denim Day attire is strictly voluntary.  All participants in Denim Day should present a professional appearance in accordance with AFI 36-2903, paragraph 2.13.  To ensure professionalism and some level of uniformity, the following ROEs apply for Denim Day:


  1. Jeans will have the appearance of denim, with no holes, rips, tears, or jewelry sewn on the denim.
  2. Participants may wear a “Stand Up USAFA” shirt or a professional, black, white, or teal-colored shirt with their jeans.  Shirts may be worn tucked or untucked.
  3. Shoes, hair, and jewelry will be worn in a professional manner.
  4. Military members not participating in Denim Day will wear UOD.  Any civilian not participating in Denim Day will comply with standard dress and appearance standards.


If you are a victim of sexual assault, there are resources available to you 24/7/365.  You can seek help by calling the USAFA SARC, Ms. Angela Kimble, at 719-333-SARC (7272).   You can also call the Safe Helpline at 877-995-5247.  This is an anonymous, confidential, secure line that is available 24/7/365.  For more information on the Safe Helpline, please go to:   


The Air Force is committed to helping victims of sexual assault, both Airmen and family members, and continues to strive to eliminate sexual assault altogether.  Every Airman must make a personal commitment to be part of the solution. 


Standing beside you to raise awareness and help as needed,


Col Y

Melissa L. Youderian, Colonel, USAF

Commander, USAF Academy Preparatory School


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USAFA also participated in Denim Day with each squadron having their own independent discussions.


To view all the photos from Denim Day go to, CLASSES > Prep School > Prep Life > pg. 208 (WHEN SORTING FROM OLDEST to NEWEST) Or click the link below.

Denim Day Photos