Drill Practice

Happy Monday Families!  We hope you enjoyed those phone calls last night.  From reading your Facebook posts it sounds like you did.  If the call was a difficult one, remember that it was a 3 minute snapshot in time, just as the letters you will receive are.  24 hours can make a big difference.  Good or bad, just try and stay off the emotional roller coaster.  I see you basics every day, and in general they are all learning fast and doing well. 

Our photo opportunity today was drill practice.  Also Bravo squadron got to do some motivational PT as well.  The photos are going up the the BMT gallery while I write this.  We were able to get lots of photos of each squadron and I even have a couple of short video clips for you.  After lunch, the afternoon and evening is filled with with more briefings.  Tomorrow morning we will be up early again to catch more intramurals.  We will work hard to find the IC athletes we missed on Saturday. 

Here are a few photos from drill practice.   Enjoy!

The photos are all up in the BMT gallery.  If we missed your basic, don't fret.  Some were missing due to various appointments.  We will be back at it in the morning.  Enjoy these video clips. Remember they are just learning to march.  Wait till you see the improvement in a week.  You will be amazed. Sorry we missed a video for Bravo, but we will get them next time.