Prep School Women's Basketball: Huskies vs. Otero College

On Friday night, the Prep School women's basketball team played against Otero College. The Huskies won the game 77 to 65. After the game, the C/Cs were treated to a free meal provided by Qdoba and the Association of Graduates (AOG). The men's basketball team intended to play the same night; however, their game was canceled due to weather. They will play at a later date. 

According to the Prep School website, basketball players will be taught offensive and defensive schemes run by the U.S. Air Force Academy Basketball team, and will participate in a strategic, focused strength and conditioning program modeled after the Academy’s program.

The team usually competes in a 26-32 game schedule against junior colleges, NCAA/ NAIA junior varsity, and military base teams. The basketball season runs from September to February.



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Prep Women's Basketball Photos