Prep I-Day Eve

Hello Prep Families,

Tomorrow is the big day.  As we write this blog, the Prior Enlisted Appointees have already arrived and the rest of the Prep Class of 2022 from all over the country are arriving in Colorado Springs.  It was great to meet so many Prep appointee families at the AOG Meet and Greet at the U.S. Olympic Museum. Over 100 appointee families registered to attend the AOG sponsorded meet and greet.  Here are a few photos from that event.

We dropped by the Prep School to see the final preparations for tomorrow.  The staff were busy getting final briefings.  It was exciting to see many familiar faces.  Most of the USAFA Cadre were Preppies in the Prep School Class of 2018.  Your Basics will be trained by cadets who have walked many miles in their shoes.  We remember them on their I-Day 4 years ago.  Now the circle is complete.


We got the entire Cadre to pose for a photo along with the 6 Military Training Instructors.  Your appointees will meet them all in person tomorrow.  Later during BMT we will introduce the Cadre for each squadron. 



Lastly, in case you missed this I-Day drop-off video from the Prep School Facebook page, we are including the link to view it.  Don't miss it.  It's really good.

                                                 I-Day Drop Off Directions                      


Ok!  That's it for now.  Remember to come by Doolittle Hall following Drop-Off.  Here's a map to take you from where the video leaves off to the event.


Signing off till tomorrow.  We have uploaded a few photos from today to get the album started.  Check out the In-Processing Album under the Prep School Tab in Classes dropdown above.  Bye for now!