Ground Hog Day #3

Happy Friday Families! 

We made it through the last three days.  Heading in to the weekend there will be lots more photo activities.  Today, not so much, but I was holding out hope that I would get some of the squadrons practicing their drill tonight.  When I arrived a the prep school, those dark monsoon clouds were rolling in and no one was to be seen.  I was just about to give up when I saw some red hats.  Bravo and Charlie were still no where to be seen.  So just before the rain began, Alpha got a little drill practice in.  They are starting to march better every day.  Wait till you see the drill competition in a few days.  So, while there are no new photos for the gallery tonight, I do have a video for your viewing pleasure. 


Enjoy your evening.  Tomorrow there will be photos of all the squadrons.