Gen. Clark discusses Academic Innovations at Prep School

Gen. Clark, the USAFA Superintendent, and CMSgt Sparks have been visiting the Prep School the past few weeks in what he calls ' Out and About'.  During these visits there have been a range of topics discussed with Prep School leadership.  Some of these discussions have highlighted some needs for the Prep School.  Other Out and About's have showcased the outstanding work the Prep School has done this year in regards to keeping the CC's safe during Covid as well as preparing them for the Academy academically, athletically and mentally.


The visit yesterday to the Prep School was to get a briefing on how they have added some new innovations to the classroom to help with online learning.  The academic staff has worked extremely hard this year to make sure they can still have in person class as well as online learning. They have seen thatin person instruction works best for CC's ability to learn, but there are times when online learning is needed.  The Prep School mostly uses the program TEAMS for their work, but have found other applications that help the instructor and student learn in real time while on the computer. One such program is Near Pro.  This program allows the instructor and the student to draw or write answers to questions in real time.  This has proven very useful in areas such as Math and Chemistry.  


Gen. Clark was impressed with the innovations the Prep School Staff has implemented to enhance the CC's learning as well as their ability to think outside of the box.  Gen. Clark asked the CC's present what they thought of the different programs and the feedback given from the CC's was very positive.  They were able to maintain their grades and in some areas exceeded their expectations. The Cadet Candidates stated that having other avenues to learn was helpful and added to their academic experience at the Prep School.



General Clark gave a coin to CC Botes, CC Engel, CC Dector and CC Womack.  He aslo gave a coin to Dr. Shernette Dunn, one of the Academic Professors at the Prep School, for her outstanding work with the cadets and for her ability to motivate the CC's and help them keep a positive outlook during these tough and unique times.  A coin was given to Capt. Railey for his exceptional work with the Prep School and for being the Project Officer for this Out and About. Lt. Col Larsen, who led the Out and About, was given a coin as well.  It is customary when receiving a coin, to receive it via a handshake with the coin in the palm of the hand.  This is why you will see handshakes in the photo.  All participants used hand sanitizer afterwards.




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Gen. Clark Coin presentation. Pg. 169-174  Coin Presentation by Gen. Clark