Prep Graduation Week

Well, as soon as Prep TX ended for the C/C's it was time for Prep Graduation Week! We attended just about every event during Graduation too!

On Tuesday a lot of the Parents started arriving and attended the Graduation Reception with their C/C's where they got to talk with the some of the Prep staff and mingle with other parents. Prior to the Reception we happended to catch the C/C's in a final practice before Wednesday's Graduation Parade.




On Wednesday morning it was time for the Graduation Parade, the C/C's have been practicing throughout the year for this moment and we think they did an awesome job! After the parade finished in order for the C/C's to be able to get out of formation they had to be tapped on the shoulder. We caught a few parents getting to do this.








Then in the afternoon on Wednesday they had the Prep Graduation Hall of Fame and Awards Ceremony! This took place in the Arnold Hall Theater up on the Hill. The 16 C/C's who completed the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge were awarded their badge during this ceremony, as well as C/C's recognized for their achievements in Fitness, Academics, Athletics and Aviation! The Prep School Class of 2017 Exemplar, Capt Carson Bird was also inducted into their Hall of Fame.



Finally, it was Thursday. The best day of the entire week because the C/C's were finally graduating! All that hard work over the last 10 months was finally over and it was time to get their diploma's. We tried our best getting pictures of every C/C! After the Graduation Ceremony, it was time for the Change of Command for the Prep Commandant position.




Last but not least, it was time for the all of the C/C's to depart! It was sad to see them all go yesterday but we are excited for each and every one of their futures! Good luck to you all and congratuations!








To view all of the pictures from the Prep School Graduation Week go to; Classes - Prep School - Prep Graduation Week. Or click the link below!

Prep Graduation Week