Final BMT Summary Sunday

Hey 2018 Prep WebFamilies! This is the last Summary Sunday Blog for BMT and what a summer it's been!

Your Preppies have grown so much since I-Day, with so many experiences under their belt now. We, like yourselves couldn't be more proud to see all that they have accomplished so far!

On Monday the Cadet Candidates participated in the BMT Jody Competition. If you didn't get a chance to see the clips in the original blog about the Jody Competition, here they are again for your viewing pleasure!

Then on Wednesday it was time for their Drill Competition, throughout BMT we caught glimpses of them as they practiced their Drill and this was the final moment of truth to see all that they had learned during Basic.

And finally, Saturday was BMT Graduation Day! In the video below you will see a glimpse into what their Graduation Ceremony entailed on Black Field, the 2018 Prep Class being released from BMT and finally the Wings of Blue jumping into Black Field!

Our coverage of your Preppies is far from over, while over the course of the Summer we were providing coverage just about every day the Academic year is slightly different day to day wise but our coverage range includes many different events.

During the Academic year we will continue to stop by the Prep School but keep in mind it will not be every day. Here's an example of what the Prep School Class page will look like by the end of this academic year.

WebGuy2.0 will be posting the BMT Portrait pictures, that were taken during BMT, in the next couple of weeks. Parents Weekend which is only a few short weeks away will also have it's own Gallery and you can be sure that we will be capturing moments of many different events during that weekend.

Under Military Training you will find their Parades, the Quarter Rope Ceremonies, and several other events. We will also get glimpses into the different sports played at the Academy when they have home games/meets, you will find our coverage of these in Prep Sports. We also stop by during their academic year PFT and AFT and that will also have it's own Gallery on the Prep School page. Under Academic Studies, you will find our coverage of the Academy's Major/Career Nights when the C/C's are able to attend and other Academic events we might have the opportunity to cover during the year. In Prep Life, you will find most of our coverage throughout the year, like the monthly Birthday Dinners that the Prep School DFac providese to each student. Not one student is left out, they celebrate every birthday month throughout the year and we attend each and every one of these. When Guest Speakers stop by to talk to the C/C's, any visits they make to the Airfield to learn about the programs that the Academy provides, and so much more!

Make sure to keep checking in with us every couple of days to see what we've gotten a glimpse of at the Prep School, we hope you enjoy this years coverage as we continue to capture moments!

We are so proud of how far your Cadet Candidates have come and cannot wait to continue to catch glimpses of the Prep School Class of 2018 throughout the next year and their four years at the Academy as they grow into our future Air Force Officers!

The final BMT Photos are now up - including the 2022 Class Photo and the BMT Prior, Cadre and Staff Photos taken before IDay!