Prep School Drill Competition


Here it is!  The long awaited drill competition.  Don't skip right to the end.  Look at every video and then decide who you think is the winner first.  They all did fantastic. 


Alpha Flight

Bravo Flight

Charlie Flight

Winner Announcement!

Here is more about the competition.  During the competition the trainees exemplified excellence by conducting stationary and transitory drills.  Each flight consisted of 26 trainees; a flight commander, a guidon bearer, 5 intercollegiate athletes, 5 prior enlisted airmen, 5 females, and 9 other trainees.

The whole competition was graded by 3 Military Training Instructors (MTIs) from Lackland AFB, Texas.  The drill teams and drills they executed, such as left/right face, present/order arms, change step march, to the rear march, flanking movements, etc. were graded precisely by these MTIs.  They looked for sharpness, bearing, and professionalism.  Points are deducted for mistakes.  

The order of finish this year was Bravo, Charlie, & Alpha.  Our congratulations to all.  They have come a long way in a short time. 

The photos from the competition will appear in the BMT Gallery