Prep School Thanksgiving Meal

Due to the Covid-19 Restrictions our coverage has been limited.  We were thankful that today we got to cover the Traditional Prep School Thanksgiving Meal at the High Country Inn (Prep School DFAC).

Thanks to the Prep School and DFAC staff, the Cadet Candidates had an early taste of Thanksgiving. Members of the Prep School Staff along with the High-Country Inn employees served up a traditional Thanksgiving meal for lunch this afternoon.




Some of the items on today’s menu included shrimp cocktail, turkey, ham, a prime rib carving station along with all the fixings and desserts.


The Cadet Candidates enjoyed their special meal and are looking forward to going home next week for the holidays.

 To view all the photos from today, go to, CLASSES > PREP SCHOOL > PREP LIFE or click on the link below.

Prep School Thanksgiving