Supt.Gen Clark visits Prep School

Lt. Gen Clark visited the Prep School today to visit with Senior Leadership and a select few Cadet Candidates.  Gen. Clark met with senior leadership earlier in the morning to discuss the Prep School and offsite objectives. Gen. Clark walked around the Prep School to meet and greet Prep School Staff.   Prep School Cadet Candidates Hanson, Gott, Parker, Choi, Cathey, Ruehle, Cinta and Borders joined Gen. Clark and Prep School Senior Staff for lunch in the DFAC, also known as the High Country Inn.



General Clark spoke briefly about his upbringing, why he wanted to go to the Academy and his motivation for staying in the Air Force.  Gen. Clark took this opportunity to talk with the Prep School Cadet Candidates (CC's) and to answer questions. Some of the questions asked were:

Question:How does the Air Force compare to other military services?

Answer: The Air Force has come a long way from its beginnings and he sees more equity between the services.  The Air Force is on a more equal footing and continues to grow and show why a strong Air Force and Space Force is needed in todays world.

Question: Favorite duty location

Answer: Egypt. He continued to say that while Egype was his favorite for location, it is the people at each assignment that count. Gen. Clark continued to say that him and his family always found the best of what each location had to offer and focused on that.



General Clark concluded by thanking the Prep School Senior Staff and CC's for taking the time to talk with him about the Prep School and current issues. Gen. Clark shows a true and sincere interest in the Prep School and its Cadet Candidates.

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