Prep School History Lesson - Air Force Birthday

Yesterday afternoon, TSgt Reddout talked to the C/C's about Air Force History and breaking Barriers. The upcoming 70th Birthday of the Air Force will be celebrated this month.

Did you know that the 1st Aero Squadron (Signal Corps) for the United States was back in August of 1914? With 66 Personnel and 6 Aircraft to it's fleet. By 1915 it roughly quadrupled in size to 266 Personnel and 23 Aircraft.

With WWI from 1914 -1918 bringing the need for more air power. The United States Air Service had 195,024 Men, 7,900 Aircraft by 1918 with Aviation Support to Ground Ops and by 1926 it went down to 9,954 Men, 1,451 Aircraft.

Between 1926 - 1941 it was called the Army Air Corps and it's mission was continued Aviation Support to Ground Ops. By 1932 the United States saws 15,00 Men and 1,600 Aircraft and by 1941 it surged to 152,000 Men and 6,700 Aircraft.

From 1939 - 1945 it was known as the Army Air Corps/Forces and on September 18, 1947 the Army Air Forces became the United States Air Force.

Breaking Barriers.

Sgt Reddout went on to show the different ways the Air Force and the United States has been breaking barriers since 1947.

MSgt Roberts also talked about Air Force History, in particular Jimmy Stewert - who most know as a famous actor. But did you also know he served in the United States Air Force and retired at Brig General? "During his active duty periods, he remained current as a pilot of Convair B-36 Peacemaker, Boeing B-47 Stratojet and Boeing B-52 Stratofortress intercontinental bombers of the Strategic Air Command." You learn something new every day!

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Air Force Birthday History Lesson