Introduction to Powered Flight


The Preparatory School offers PS100, Introduction to Powered Flight, as part of their curriculum. The course is a 5-lesson, Virtual Reality (VR) course taught in the Preparatory School VR lab in the Gilbert Leadership Center. The VR lab accommodates 6 Cadet Candidates per course, and these students are selected by their leadership. The primary instructor is Mr. John "TJ" Tomjack (USAFA '87), and he was assisted today by Lt Col Payne (USAFA '04).

Lesson 1 was truly a fast-paced one, and the Cadet Candidates drank well from the firehose of information. They learned about the primary and secondary flight controls, discussed the 3 axis of movement and the 4 forces acting on an aircraft, then were immersed in operating the device using VR. The Cadet Candidates completed 3 short VR flights before the spigot of information was finally turned off for the day.

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