Prep CC's Hike Stanley Canyon

Stanley Canyon Trail is a 5.8 mile out and back trail. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running and nature trips.  The trail starts off steeply through pine/oak and spruce/fir forest and then climbs more gradually along the Stanley Creek riparian area. Stands of aspen and grassy mountain meadows appear near the final approach to what used to be a resevoir lake at the top, but it was drained a few years ago and has not been refilled. 


It has been a tradition for sometime for the Prep School BMT CC's to hike to Stanley Canyon at the end of BMT and before the graduation.  Fortunately they were able to do it this year-Covid prevented the CC's from doing the hike last year.  It is a great bonding time for the CC's and it was great to see them helping one another on the trail and encouraging everyone to complete it.  They are now one step closer to BMT graduation!




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Prep School 2021 BMT Stanley Canyon Hike pgs. 197 (bottom of page) -206  Stanley Canyon