Stanley Canyon Hike & other things!

Hey Familes!

It's finally Friday!  You know what that means!  I'm sure you have been counting the days.  No more colored hats after tomorrow.  How will you ever find them in our photos, lol. 

So, today was the hike to Stanley Canyon Reservoir.  There were lots of smiling faces.  Unfortunately the reservoir has been drained, so it wasn't as fun as in past years, when the basics got to go swimming.  They definitely would have gone in today.  It was warm. At least they got to hike in PT clothes rather than their hot ABUs.

Here are a few pictures.  The rest are up in the the BMT gallery.  I can see from looking at the Facebook page that many of you have already found them. Speaking of that.  After tomorrow's coverage there will be no more new photos going into the Basic Military Training  gallery.  As the year progresses we will be adding new galleries by subject to make your photo search easier.  By the end of the year the page will look like this.

Ok, here are a few photos from the hike.



Tomorrow we will have photo coverage of all the BMT Graduation events.  Concluding remarks will begin about  9:45ish on Black Field after the march and end about 10:30am and may include the Wings of Blue depending on the weather.  I stress that Prep BMT Graduation is NOT a public event.  Please understand that visitors who come can observe the remarks from the bleachers if they have access with the following understanding.  They MAY NOT interact with the CC's at any time and the CC's (Cadet Candidates) will NOT be released from training to meet with them.  PLEASE DON'T BREAK THE RULES.  Integrity is the first AF Core Value. 

I have also posted this in several places, but am saying it here again.  THE BMT GRADUATION CEREMONY IS VERY BRIEF.  IT WILL NOT, REPEAT N O T BE LIVE STREAMED.  You will be able to see a video of the concluding ceremony right here tomorrow evening, however.

It has been announced that the Preps will have access to their phones again following BMT graduation from 8:30pm - 9:30pm MDT every evening.  I have just confirmed this as a fact.  That being said, Please be flexible and remember that nothing of this type is ever cast in concrete.  Phone access is a privlege, which can be easily revoked for many reasons.  The Preps will get a full briefing about what they can and cannot do.  Please do yourself and them a favor and respect the rules as they are announced.  Do you part and encourage your Preppie to do the same.

BMT coverage is almost at an end, but next week we begin our coverage for the Academic Year.  There will be so much more to see.   Just don't think you are finishing "WebGuying".    You'll just be visiting us a bit more casually.  I will tell you more about all of that in my blog tomorrow evening.

Ok, that's it for me for this entry.  Check back tomorrow for more graduation event coverage.  Have a great evening!