Fun in the Morning

Hi Families!

Today was a busy morning! The basics woke up at 0400 (4 A.M.) for PT at 0430. The basics did a series of exercises and ended the session with a relay race, a push-up competition, a leg lift competition, and burpees with Col Szybist, the Prep School Commander. After PT, the basics cleaned up and had breakfast and then proceeded on for team building exercises. There were six stations for team building, all of which included an exercise. To finish up the team building, all of the basics did a couple of ranger push-ups together. Ranger push-ups consist of each basic resting their ankles on the shoulders of the person behind them, so they all form one connected line.

Before leaving, we took one more picture of all the basics that is so awesome, it speaks for itself.

All of the pictures are in the gallery and there are even a few videos, so check them out! There is a knowledge bowl tonight, so stay tuned for the pictures from that. Until then, have a great day (I will be taking a nap)!