SAMI Sunday!


Happy Sunday.  Breakfast and church for those who wished to attend was on the agenda this morning.  Sleeping in was on mine.  Today's big event was the SAMI that I spoke about in yesterday's blog entry.  The other ongoing item on the agenda is preparation for the Drill Competition.  HINT: (It's tomorrow, weather permitting).  Each squadron has selected a dream team to compete.  I will have more about that tomorrow, but they are practicing hard.  Much squadron pride is on the line, not to meantion Cadre bragging rights.  Here's a little preview of each team.




While the dreams practiced for tomorrow, everyone else was busy getting ready for the inspection. Well, I guess Charlie felt like they were ready. They used the prep time for work on pull-ups.  Here are some photos of the preparation.


Like yesterday's PAI, a random number of rooms from each squadron were inspected by Prep Permanent Party.  The rest were inspected by Cadet Cadre.  The purpose is for teaching.  The results also go towards the BMT Top Squadron competition.  The inspectors are very thorough.  It's not just about the rooms being clean.  Each room has a binder with the specific standards that must be followed and the inspection looks at every part of the dorm room using that standard.  Here are some photos of  the inspections themselves. 

Today's photos are kind of a mishmash from the day, but they are all up in the gallery.  Enjoy. 

Before I go, I woud like to end the day with a re-post of a message I put up on the Prep Parents Facebook Group page in response to multiple posts from parents anxiously waiting for phone calls from their Basics.  It's a bit of a reality check.  Since not everyone reading this blog is a Facebook Member and vice versa, I am adding here with respect.

Folks.  I am not sure where the expectation for calls came from. 

If your hopes are based on past years, be advised, I've been doing this since 2012 and every year is different.  Every class is different.  Your expectation shoul should be to NOT have expectations (about BMT) based on prior years.  It will only lead to disappointment.  We have a week to go with BMT and then the real work of the Prep year begins.  Math, Science, & English.  I will have a blog later in the week about the transition to the academic year.  In the meantime, just know that I see your kids every day.  They are coming together as a class and taking it a day at a time.  So should you all.

Tomorrow's blog entry will preview the upcoming week.  There are still lots of photos to come as we head to the finish line. 

Till then, have a great evening.