Prep School Football Team PT

Morning PT is usually the start to each morning.  There are several days a week that the sports teams break away from the main squadrons to practice PT as a team or group.  Most of the PT is the same, but then can vary to more sport specific exercises.

The Preparatory School offers four uniformed sports which include football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and coed soccer. Our teams participate in a competitive schedule made of NJCAA programs, college JV teams, and other Preparatory schools. Each sport offers and encourages open tryouts for cadet candidates to compete.

WebGuy caught up to the Football team during their morning PT and Football drills practice.  The morning PT session started with an introduction of the Football coaching staff.  Stretches were the first order of business followed by running and drills.




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Prep Football PT pgs. 73-85  Football