Prep School PFT and Dodgeball Tournament

The Preppies had a very busy day today. This morning almost all of them went through Physical Fitness Training (PFTs) and this afternoon they had a Dodgeball Tournament. 

They had 5 stations during the PFT's this morning. They were scored and had roughly 2 - 2 and a half minutes to complete each station - ask your Preppie how he or she did!

The Preppies were split into groups of 6 at a time and could not go to the next station without everyone finished at the current one. Here are the stations.

Station 1 - Pull-ups

Station 2 - Long Jump

Station 3 - Sit-ups

Station 4 - Push-ups

Station 5 - Running


Then later on after lunch it was time for the Dodgeball Tournament!

They started with 8 Teams.

Ballsagna, Not In The Face, Avg Joe's Gym, DodgeFathers, UnderDodgers, Hand Cannons, Thunderballs, Sons of Pitches, Dirty Dodgers, Dynamo Dodgers, Gainsters and the Las Vegas Police Department.

Very very clever.

The Grand Champions and 1st place Winner (of 3 Breakfast sleep through passes): The Las Vegas Police Department. Here's how the teams did.

Second Place Winner: The ThunderBalls

Third Place Winner: The Hand Cannons

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