Prep School's Chemistry Magic Show at Pikes Peak Elementary

The Prep School’s Traveling Chemistry Show entitled “Discovering the Life of Dragons” made their second trip of the year, this time to Pikes Peak Elementary School in Colorado Springs. The children were thoroughly impressed with the presentation. These were the experiments and participants that were showcased. Dragon Fart (C/C Grundvig); The Knight in Armour (C/C Dill, C/C Ramirez); Dragon Snot (C/C Hunter); Fire Breath(C/C Murphy, C/C Hunter, C/C Munoz,C/C Bussey, C/C Dill, C/C Pendergrass); Dragon Potion Guessing Game (C/C Pendergrass, C/C Murphy); Dragon Fireball (C/C Argon, C/C Bussey) and Gummy Bear Teleportation (C/C Munoz,C/C Argon). The MC for the event was C/C Reed.

 Below are some highlights of their "Magic Show".




To view the rest of the photos from the presentation go to Classes > Prep School > Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Chemistry Magic Show