Prep I-Day 2020

Good Evening Families!

The day you have anticipated (and dreaded) since your son or daughter received that notice on their admissions portal has arrived.  The reality will set in over the next 20 days.  All of today's photos are now up for your viewing pleasure. If you are beginning to look through the photos, I strongly suggest that you sort them from newest to oldest while we are still uploading.  If you don't it will appear as if there are many duplicate photos. Everything taken today will be in the INPROCESSING ALBUM.

Todays inprocessing was very different than past years.  Like everything else in our lives due to the pandemic, the prep school had to adjust to ensure the health and safety of everyone.  Normal things we look forward to covering are missing this year.  No haircut photos, no initial uniform issue photos.  Social distancing and masks are the order of the day.  As a result our photo count will be less this year.  That doesn't mean that Basic Military Training will be any less intense or meaningful.  The goal is to transform your civilian into an airman ready to become a cadet at the US Air Force Academy next year.  What also hasn't changed is the dedication of the BMT staff or their desire to see your basic succeed. 

Ok, so what is ahead?  Well, tonight the basics will meet their roomates and cadre, learn dining hall procedures, have dinner, start memorizing knowledge they need to know, have safety briefings, and COVID cleaning procedures.  Because each squadron arrived at different times, all these activities will occur on a different schedule.  They will learn a lot in a short time.  Lights out will be at 10pm. Tomorrow they will start early. 

We'll be back tomorrow with another blog entry to talk about what you can expect to see in terms of photo coverage.  In the meantime here are a few photos from today's coverage.   Enjoy the hunt for your basic.