Prep School Portraits

Thank you to Ryan, Photography and Video Production Specialist,  from the Association of Graduates for taking the Prep School Yearbook Portrait photos.  

The Air Force Service Dress uniform (commonly called the Blues Uniform) finally arrived in time for the yearbook portrait photos and everyone looked sharp in their uniforms.  And it was great being able to get photos without masks!  We hope that you enjoy the photos of Prep School Class of 2021.


We have made all the photos available to everyone, so they can have a Service Dress Potrait of their Cadet Candidate.

To view photos, go to Galleries > Public Gallery.  Then click on the start page you want or click on the link below. This link will take you to the start of the Prep School Portraits.

To download a photo from the Public Gallery, Right click on the photo you want to download. Scroll down option list and select > Save image as.  In File Name block, type what you want the file name to be. Example: Your CC's name.  For Save as type block it will save as a JPEG file.  You also need to select where you want the photo to be saved such as your desktop or file folder etc.

Prep School Service Dress Uniform Portraits Pg 1506-1521 Prep School Portraits