Prep School Birthday Dinner

We attended the last Prep School Birthday Dinner on Thursday night last week for the class of 2016, in attendance were all of the April, May and June birthdays.

This was also the last Birthday Dinner that the Prep Schools Commander, Col Szybist will be in attendance for. The next Change of Command will be in June and the Prep School will see a new Commander come in.

Each of the Preppies is served by the DFAC staff.  Dinner includes a green salad, choice of steak or chicken cordon bleu, dinner rolls, and the non-alcoholic beverage of their choice.  Dessert is cake, cupcakes and ice cream. The ice cream is always provided by Chef Jeff who pays for it out of his own pocket each month. And following military tradition, the cake is cut with a cadet sabre by the oldest and youngest C/Cs present. Below are some highlights from the dinner.


After they were served the cake; the Prep Staff, the DFAC Staff and the Preppies who are there for dinner all sing Happy Birthday to the ones celebrating.


To view the rest of the pictures taken at the last Prep School Birthday Dinner for this Academic Year. Go to Classes - Prep School - Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Prep Birthday Dinner