The Prep BMT Graduation Video

Hello Families!

Congratulations to all the new Cadet Candidates.  Since the video is ready, and I know you are all waiting, this blog entry will be short.  Some of this mornings photos are up, but there are more to come.  I will have another blog later this evening with a summary of the day and a bit about what is ahead now.

Before you hit "play" below and then start emailing me, I know that the beginning is a bit blurry.  For some reason the camera's auto focus didn't kick in right away.  Be patient, it clears up.  I was about to pass out when I first reviewed the video, but all's well that ends well.  You will also see that the video has two parts.  Part one is the longer one.  Part two is the conclusion.  Eventually I will edit it, so both parts are combinded, but as I said, I know you are waiting for this.   Lastly, I am a better photographer than videographer, so please please take that into account when viewing.   Enjoy!