Happy Tuesday!

Hello Families,

Let me start by thanking your for your patience while we have had some IT issues.  I am happy to say that all seems to be working well now and all the photos are up including today's in the Basic Military Training Gallery.  Here is a link  BMT PHOTOS

Since my last Blog entry the Basics have taken their first physical fitness test (PFT), gotten their military ID cards, had lots of briefings, had an honor lesson, had squadron PT (that like PE in high school), the recruited athletes have gotten to work out with their teams, and they have marched alot.   What a difference a week makes.  They are starting to look like airmen. 

Here is what the next three days will look like.  It will basically be like "Groundhog Day"  The schedule will be exactly the same each day, with each squadron taking their turn doing one of three activities each day.  The Stanly Canyon Hike, Dental Clinic, Security Clearances.  We will cover the hike and dental clinic each day, but not the security clearances for obvious reasons.  So, each day that squadron will be MIA from photo coverage.  There will be lots of photo opportunities on both the hike and the clinic, so be sure and check back each day for all the photos. 

Now for the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS BLOG....  Make sure you are near your phones TOMORROW (Wednesday, July 27th) at 7:30PM Mountain Daylight Time.  Your Basics don't know it yet, but they will be given back their phones for a quick call.  So if you see a number you don't recognize about that time on your caller ID, I would answer it.  They will likely only have about 10 minutes to talk, so in some cases they may have a decision to make as to whom to call.  This is a break from past years, so they must be doing well enough to have earned it.  

OK, Below is a sample of the photos we have taken the past few days.  I'll be back tomorrow with highlights of the days activities.