Chemistry Magic Show at Stratmoor Hills Elementary School


On Friday last week the Prep School stopped by Stratmoor Hills Elementary School to give a Chemistry Magic Show Presentation.

The students in attendence at the Chem Magic Show were grades Kindergarden through 5th.

Prepare to be amazed! They had really great Chemistry tricks and a great story that went along with each experiment for the students about a Dragon!

Their story began with what the sound of a dragon roar makes and how they can hear it from very far away because the dragon is upset because he has a toothache.

Their next magic trick involved blowing air through straws into these containers and the first person who was able to change it from the pink color to clear. The one to make the color change first had bad "dragon breath" because they forgot to brush their teeth that morning. Students really got a kick out of this one.

The next trick dealt with air pressure and they had several students come up and attempt to pull the container off of the base. They then showed what the loss of air pressure does to a man made out of marshmallows. 



Then they made dragon toothpaste!


This next magic trick had the story line of one of the C/C having dirty hands and needing to clean them, but with a little flare.

Next, they demonstrated chemical changes with the colors of the rainbow, creating each color in its own glass container. All of the students were very involved in guessing what colors would come next. At the end they mixed them all together to create the "pot of gold" at the end of a rainbow.


For their final magic trick they showed how to make a Gummy Bear teleport. Not only did it disappear from where the C/C's were at the front of the room,  it happened to magically teleported into the pocket of one of the teachers!


The C/C's and Stratmoor Hills Elementary students all had a great time with this Chemistry Magic Show!

To view the rest of the pictures taken at the Chemistry Magic Show, go to Classes - Prep School - Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Prep Chemistry Magic Show